What do we offer?

1. Begin anew with ORANGE

It is a program based on our ORANGE model and mindfulness. The purpose of these series of workshops is to help us to gain clarity so that we will respond with kindness, increased with our wellness. It is a model to help us manage ourselves better. Combined with mindfulness practice in the workshops, it will help us to be more resilience and grateful.

2. Mentor for Cabin

We provide mentor for school cabin for after school engagement program. The role of mentor is to develop student leaders and guide them to run the cabin. We believe in teaching the spirit of paying it forward so that we can build a community to sustain a good culture. We will help to build the eco system by encouraging and supporting student leaders to take up mentorship roles as the graduate from the cabin.

3. Personalized prog for at risk students

Based on our experience of working with less advantage students from our time as a society, we have seen many successful examples. The continuity of Orange Dolphin till today is an evidence of the success stories who wanted to pay it forward. Our youth workers also have a heart for the at-risk students and have diversity of experience working with youth from voluntary welfare organisations. We believe in journeying with these group of students.